Tenant Improvements

Site Selection and Added Negotiation Leverage

If clients CONNECT with us early in the process, we can work hand-in-hand with your real estate professional to help shed light on the technical aspects of a property you may be considering. Knowledge is power, and knowing a space that you are considering for lease doesn’t have adequate HVAC or electrical service helps you work that information into your negotiations. Two spaces, seemingly equal with one another, could have vastly different build out costs that you should be aware of while working out the lease price or tenant improvement money. Once a deal has been signed, there is often little you can do to remedy these situations except pay for the needed improvements out of your pocket.

Space Use and Budgeting

When we are involved in a project early on, we can help you conceptualize how a space could be used to meet your needs. Determining how the space could be altered to meet your ultimate needs can help clearly define the complexion of your project and allow you to get solid budget numbers for all aspects of your new business. For example, we have helped dental clients conceptualize a space their realtor told them would be perfect for their needs. Due to the layout of the space, the full square footage was not as useable as it should have been and the doctor couldn’t fit into the space the full number of dental chairs they had built their business plan around.

Additionally, very early in the process we can provide accurate budget numbers on what the design and construction is going to cost. You can then use this information to make well informed decisions on how to proceed with your project.

Permit Ready Design

Whether you used CONNECT to develop your floor plan, or if you arrived at one through other avenues, we can then take that sketch and develop full architectural and engineering plans that can be submitted to the local municipality. Unlike other design professionals, we do not provide a “cookie cutter - one design fits all” solution to each of our projects, we take time to ask you what you want your office environment to convey to your clients. We incorporate this information into our design while helping you make informed, accurate decisions on finish selections, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and every detail in between.

Fast Track Construction

With proper diligence paid to the conceptualizing and design of the project, this is the fun and easy part of your project. As you watch your project come to life, things happen very quickly during the construction phase of CONNECT projects. Implementing the design-build process ensures the fastest build times possible. Our owners act as your project manager, to seamlessly coordinate all your needs as we take you to the finish line. Throughout the construction, we keep you as involved as you want to be to make sure the finished product is a fully functional facility that exceeds your expectations.