Scheduling and Phasing Considerations

The initial question is always asked, “Is there any way for me to get a whole new office feel without actually closing down my operations?” The short answer is “it isn’t easy” and because of that, many other companies simply suggest clients just move their location. This is the easy answer and in some circumstances, can be incredibly short sighted and not in the best interest of the client. Perhaps you own the space you are in, or perhaps it is the best possible location for your industry in your market area. In these cases, a remodel is the best course of action. After fully understanding your desired end result and working with you to establish what that product will look like, we can work it backwards to your current conditions and fit you with a plan that minimizes lost production. In some instances, lost production does outweigh the benefits of staying in that location and we will suggest this to the client. However, we always perform due diligence for you first and we do not simply jump to that conclusion automatically.

Permit Ready Design

If your remodel will require building permits, we can CONNECT you with full architectural and engineering plans that can be submitted to the local municipality. Maybe you are simply looking for an aesthetic face-lift of your facility, if this is so we can coordinate our design with a decorator who will work with you to help create your new custom office environment. We incorporate this information into our design while helping you make informed, accurate decisions on finish selections, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and every detail in between.

Remodeling Construction

We spend extra time during the conceptualizing and design of your project to lay out and plan for as many details as possible. During a remodel that affects your operations, things need to happen very quickly during the construction. Implementing the design-build process ensures the fastest build times possible. Additionally, if something comes up during the remodel that requires a letter of amendment by the design professional, our owners act as your project manager AND your design professional, so there is no lost time coordinating between various people.