Architectural / Engineering (A&E) Design

CONNECT can provide design services for your architectural and engineering needs. We can do so for any ground up construction, tenant improvement, or remodel project that you may be considering. This includes portions of the plans that are commonly referred to the architectural sheets, such as: the code compliance statement sheet, floor plan layout, dimensional plan and wall sections, finish and door schedules, ceiling plans, and other such sheets. We also perform electrical supply and lighting layout, as well as plumbing plans, medical gas plans (where required), and HVAC design.

Civil / Site Design

We can CONNECT you with civil / site plans for any land developing you may be considering. Whether it is tied with a ground up project, a roadway improvement, or a bike path, we can provide civil / site plans that are both comprehensive in their coverage and realistic in their application. This includes grading & drainage plans, utility plans, pavement design, sediment & erosion control plans, and any other plans necessary for your improvements.

Decorative Design & Rendering

We can arrange for any help you may need in the decorative design of your space. We work with reputable decorators who provide assistance anywhere from simply coordinating a color scheme to pulling off a complete makeover of your branding image. Additionally, if you are in need of architectural renderings of your project, we can CONNECT you with that service as well.