Whether you are seeking to make a statement with your space or if you’re looking for functional simplicity, we believe that your space must speak to your brand. If it is clean simple lines that speak to your corporate image, that should be shown on the plans so the space is built to convey that to your clients. Conversely, if you want your space to make a bold impression of your style, we have the ability to design a space to send that message (without necessarily breaking the bank). We are not one of those cookie-cutter design centers that produce the same set of drawings over and over again, we make sure our designs CONNECT your vision with the construction phase to create a unique space.

In addition to providing designs that are individual to each project, our clients often find our design fees cost less than industry average when compared to other design firms. When you design with CONNECT you will be working with the owner and engineer directly. This allows our clients to avoid the markup of an architect passing the engineering off to another firm and then passing it off to the client. While our design fees are economical, we take the greatest pride in how our designs achieve their purpose with cost-effective construction results. Two sconce lights that could look identical could have vastly different prices. Similarly, we find ways to achieve high-end architectural finishes without the hefty price tag. This same ideology is carried out in all aspects of our design services, whether it is ways of achieving proper drainage on a civil/site plan, or if it is siting an improvement to minimize unnecessary cost, our pragmatic designs ensure pronounced results in the most efficient way possible.

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