Surely you have heard others mention their experience with contractors, stating that cost overruns and missed schedules are the nature of construction. This is simply not true, especially if you have had a thorough and realistic design performed. Even with a previously obtained mediocre design, we take the time to fully flush out the details of what the client is looking for before commencing work. This small amount of up-front diligence goes a long way in preventing stress during construction. When you hear of others who weren’t able to finish a project the way they planned due to cost overruns and busted schedules, you can smile knowing they simply didn’t CONNECT with the right contractor.

When we are engaged for our process, we CONNECT our clients with a finished product that is on-time and in budget, every time. We have this ability due to the breadth and depth of our experience. Most of our work has been performed for clients whose cost of stopping production is the most expensive part of the project. Because of this, we don’t think of deadlines as being negotiable. Additionally, we believe that due diligence through the conceptualize and design phases, along with proper communication and transparency at the commencement of construction, should result in a project with no unforeseen cost overruns.

While the industries we serve are not limited, here are some that we help CONNECT to an enjoyable construction experience: dental, medical, veterinary, commercial.

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