Simply put, some people have the ability and others don’t. Some can look at an old space that used to be occupied by a Blockbuster Video or T-Mobile and be able to envision how they could make the space look to meet their needs; others can’t. Some can see a vacant piece of land and be able to conceptualize how they could site a building on it with the parking lot, landscaping, and other necessary improvements, while others can’t. We have the ability to not only see the possibilities at hand, but we excel at sharing that vision with our clients.

As we work our way through your wish list, we layout how your vision could come to life. We do all this with an unwavering eye towards efficiency and cost effectiveness. We then step you through the possibilities, helping CONNECT our clients with the vision of what could be.


First, we scrutinize the space or land that you are considering to ensure it has the proper utilities to serve your needs. When you work CONNECT you will work with the owners of the company, who are also licensed professional engineers. As licensed professional engineers, we can give you the insight as to whether you have enough electric to service your needs, whether there is a proper outlet for your plumbing/drainage, and if any existing HVAC is sufficient for your needs. We collect the information on the existing space, identifying any constraints that may exist, such as intermediate supports or other unmovable conditions. This information can be invaluable for site selection and establishing purchase or lease terms. For this reason, we urge our clients to engage us early, it could save thousands of dollars if you have this information while you still have the leverage in a transaction.


In addition to providing the envisioning and analysis mentioned above, we can CONNECT you with other trusted professionals in your industry, such as realtors, lawyers, accountants, and lenders. If you don’t already have your own network, we can help you establish one early in the process with people we know and trust.

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