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Contrary to popular belief, the design-build process is not new to the construction industry. Formally known as the “master builder” approach, the idea of relying on a single point of responsibility for the design and the build of a project has been used for over four thousand years1. True design-build (with both services truly within the same entity) gives the client the best finished product for several reasons.

Singular Responsibility

Too often clients get caught in the middle of a finger-pointing match between the design professional and the contractor. The client is stranded in the middle wanting to finish the project, while the contractor claims a change order is necessary due to deviation from the plans. When your designer and the contractor are one in the same, it provides a single source of accountability for your entire project.

Faster Delivery

CONNECT utilizes the Bid-Design-Build process, in contrast to the traditional Design-Bid-Build method of project delivery. As demonstrated in the below diagram, this not only gives the client a solid construction number earlier in the process, but also shortens the time from initiation of services to the final delivered product.

Cost Savings

When you CONNECT your conceptualizing, design, and construction services the process is automatically geared towards efficiency and innovation. Communicating the cost implications of possible design decisions and/or deviations from the design plan during construction can be immediately presented to you to help save time, instead of working the loop between designer and contractor, back around the designer again. Additional savings are realized for the client by being able to rely completely on CONNECT as their single point of contact. This allows the client to concentrate on their line of work instead of playing intermediary.

Higher Quality

Contractors who simply bid a set of plans might intend on only meeting minimum design requirements or construction industry standards. However, by using the same individuals who performed your design, it results in a contractor who is privy to your intended levels of performance. CONNECTing your conceptualizing, design, and construction allows for less ambiguity, and your level of expectation is always at the forefront of each decision. This leaves the client with a finished product that they had envisioned from the very beginning.

Each of our services can also be used separately and independently of one another. However, the greatest value to the end product, the most efficient process, and the biggest cost savings can be found for our clients when they engage us for all three of phases of conceptualizing, design, and construction.

Notation 1 - "Design-Build Contracting Handbook", by Robert Frank Cushman & Michael C. Loulakis, published in 2001 by Aspen Law & Business, USA ISBN 0-7355-2182-4

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