Understanding the unique spatial, environmental, and business needs of the veterinary and animal care industries is paramount to having a successful project. CONNECT takes a holistic approach to the construction and design of veterinary offices.

CONNECTed in the Veterinary Industry

Don’t have a realtor yet? Let us refer you to one that specializes in the Veterinary field. Not sure how to finance the project? We have those CONNECTions as well. We have worked in your business sector for some time and we know all the professionals who are the best at doing what they do. We like surrounding ourselves with the best and the brightest and believe that if you do the same, it can only lead you to success.

Veterinary Design

When designing a veterinary office, traffic control and flow are of the utmost importance. The location of the reception desk, waiting area, surgical and treatment areas, and examination rooms must be strategically placed to allow for smooth traffic flow. Additionally, noise management is always a concern when designing vet facilities. Soundproofing that reduces sound transmission to outer offices and waiting areas is a trick of the trade that we implement. Each design element is evaluated for ease of maintenance and we use specially designed odor control and containment methods. Whether you are considering a tenant improvement scenario, a ground up project, or a remodel, let us CONNECT you with a full set of permit-ready architectural and engineering plans that can be submitted to the local municipality.

Veterinary Construction

Similar to the special design considerations mentioned above, it is also equally important to make sure you have a contractor that knows what they are looking for in the construction of a veterinary and animal care office. The owners of CONNECT act as your project manager to seamlessly coordinate every detail necessary to get you to the finish line. Implementing the design-build process ensures the fastest build times possible. All the while, we keep you as involved as you want to be to make sure the finished product is a fully functional veterinary office that exceeds your expectations.