Professional Office

Professional Offices

Let CONNECT design and build your professional office facility. The owners of CONNECT have experience designing and building legal, real estate, accounting offices, and general commercial space.

Professional Office Design.

Whether you use CONNECT to develop your floor plan, or if you might have arrived at one another way, we can then take that sketch and develop full architectural and engineering plans that can be submitted to the local municipality. We take time to ask you what you want your office environment to convey to your clients. We incorporate your specific style and wishes into our design while helping you make informed, accurate decisions on finish selections, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and every detail in between.

Professional Office Construction

Unlike other larger companies, the owners of CONNECT act as your project manager to seamlessly coordinate every small detail of your construction project. We make sure every detail from the design phase is carried out during the construction phase to get you to the finish line on time and in budget. If you allow us to implement the design-build process it ensures the fastest build times in the industry.