Dental / Medical


While we have experience in various industries, CONNECT has a particularly deep knowledge base in Dental Office design and construction. Combined, our owners have affixed their professional design stamp on more dental offices than perhaps anyone in the country. Additionally, they have personally managed millions of dental office construction dollars throughout their careers. CONNECTed in the Dental Industry

Don’t have a realtor yet? Let us refer you to one that specializes in the Dental field. Not sure how to finance the project? We have those CONNECTions as well. We have worked in your business sector for some time, and we know all the professionals who are the best at doing what they do. We like surrounding ourselves with the best and the brightest and believe that if you do the same, it can only lead you to success. CONNECTing with someone who has extensive experience in your specific industry is perhaps more important in the Dental field than it is anywhere else. Dental offices require special considerations from space use considerations through construction closeout. By choosing a team aware of the nuances of the dental industry, you will minimize unpleasant surprises and maximize the efficiency of the overall process.

Dental Floor Plan Development and Budgeting

Many in the dental industry arrive at a floor plan through their dental equipment supplier. For those who choose that avenue, it works out well. However, some require a designer who might be a little more quick to assist with multiple sites that you might be considering. Others might not wish to commit to using a specific dental supplier early in the process. For those dentists, we can offer a great service to quickly rough out some possible floor plan(s) for any space(s) you might be considering. Additionally, due to our expansive experience in the dental field, we have the ability to give accurate budgetary numbers early on while you are considering sites. Whether you are considering a tenant improvement scenario, a ground up project, or a remodel, let us CONNECT you with the conceptualizing that will help you get your project underway.

Dental Design

Whether you used CONNECT to develop your floor plan, or if you arrived at one with your dental equipment representative, we can then take that sketch and develop full architectural and engineering plans that can be submitted to the local municipality. We take time to talk with you about your vision and what you want your dental office environment to convey to your clients. We don’t simply pigeon hole you into a cookie-cutter design similar to the 20 before yours. We incorporate your specific style and wishes into our design while helping you make informed, accurate decisions on finish selections, lighting and plumbing fixtures, and every detail in between. Dental offices have many specialized design considerations, such as instrument air and vacuum lines, nitrous and oxygen lines (for some offices), redundant ground medical grade wiring, and other specialized equipment needs that need to be taken into consideration in the design. We have the professional design experience to ensure you are CONNECTed with a specialized dental design.

Dental Construction

Similar to the special dental design considerations mentioned above, it is also equally important to make sure you have a contractor who knows what they are looking for in the construction of a dental office. The owners of CONNECT act as your project manager to seamlessly coordinate all the medical gas installers, licensed electricians, and other qualified subcontractors necessary to get you to the finish line. Perhaps the most expensive part of constructing a dental office is the lost production during construction. Implementing the design-build process ensures the fastest build times in the dental industry. All the while, we keep you as involved as you want to be to make sure the finished product is a fully functional dental office that exceeds your expectations.